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Quiet River Tai Chi offers private and semi-private classes in the art of Yang style 128 posture Tai Chi Chuan, also known as “the long form”. It is taught as designed and passed on by the honorable Grand Master Hsu Fun-Yuen and his Wu Kung Tai Chi Association of America and Taiwan.

Tai Chi is a supple, seemingly subtle, beautiful, calming, low impact form of movements created in the Far East/China, recognized by millions to help fulfill their own physical and spiritual needs. Refined through centuries of practice and thoughtful contemplation, passed down from generation to generation within the confines of Family/Village styles. Thus creating but a few recognized “systems” (Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun, etc.). Each following the same foundational principles, yet their emphasis begin to venture to their own directions.

It has been designed through the centuries to combine a personal full bodied health program which includes martial art applications for self defense, stress reduction, balance, postural recalibration, breath capacity and core strengthening, to name but a few. The Western part of the world has recently started to become aware of the incredible benefits of Tai Chi since the advent of such celebrities as Bruce Lee, Jet Li and the popularity of Kung Fu movies in the nineteen seventies. But besides the “chop socky” fighting skills that can be acquired through years of study, it turns out there is a plethora of external and internal health benefits that come along with it. And finally Western Medicine as well as the fitness community has had little choice but to recognize this fact, that people from the Far East have known for centuries. There is a multitude of books, articles, videos and studies, that back up these facts, and there is no point in me trying rewrite it all on this web page.

My own testimonial, is that Tai Chi Chuan is a definite game changer. Even after twenty years of practice, I am still amazed daily by the seemingly endless benefits and gifts of everyday life in which this practice offers. There is always something new to find and to investigate, just when you think there is nothing left to learn, the lotus unfurls but another layer.

Tai Chi can be practiced by people of all ages, without any extra machines or other appliances needed except for a space large enough to do the form (a collection of postures), a flat bottomed pair of gym shoes and the commitment to a better understanding of your life, which comes from the challenges you ultimately can overcome.



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